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One of the special features of Tales of Rescaria Online will be the weapon skill system. There will be no race lock for weapons, so you can unlock every weapon and skill with every race. The weapon skill system is explained in more detail below:

What is a weapon skill?

A weapon skill can be thought of as the character’s ability to use a weapon. This means that the better the character’s weapon skill, the better weapons they can carry and also learn a higher number of abilities.

How is a weapon skill trained?

After being created, each character starts with all weapon skills at the lowest level. During the game, the player will encounter monsters to kill in different situations. After defeating these monsters, the player’s character gains experience, which allows them to increase their level. After gaining enough experience for a level, the character reaches the next level. The same principle applies to weapon skills: each weapon skill has a level. Since it is advisable to carry a weapon to defeat monsters, the level of weapon skill of the weapon used can be trained at the same time as the character. Depending on which weapon you use in combat, you also get experience for the corresponding weapon skill and can level it.

When training a weapon skill, however, the player should pay attention to whether the weapon skill suits his race, because the races differ in their talent for using the weapons.

What is the significance of the weapon skill level?

As already mentioned above, the weapon skill level is decisive for which weapons you can use and which skills you can unlock.

Weapons have a level cap in Tales of Rescaria Online. This means that a character cannot use a weapon if their weapon skill level is lower than the required weapon skill level.

The abilities a character can learn depend on how high the weapon skill level is. For example, some abilities will only become available for activation once certain weapon skill levels have been reached. In addition, the abilitiess that a character can use depend on the weapon he is carrying.

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